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The Latest from GRIDS
  • The November 2005 issue of the GRIDS Center Newsletter is now available.

  • The latest GRIDS Center software release is included in NMI-R8.0, issued October 18, 2005, by the NSF Middleware Initiative. More information here.

  • Read a revised report of the UK Engineering Task Force (ETF) Globus Toolkit 4 (GT4) Middleware Evaluation team on the current state of the GT4 toolkit.

  • The final  "On the Grid" articles from ClusterWorld magazine, which ceased publication August 2005, are available.

  • Globus Toolkit 4.0 (GT4), the newest stable release, is available for download. Read the release notes.

  • The GRIDS Center develops core competencies, or service offerings, that can be appropriately employed in specific projects. Read the Summary of GRIDS Center Services to learn more.

Meeting Updates

Grid Computing Workshop

April 29, 2006
Rhodes Island, Greece
More information

7th LCI Conference:
The HPC Revolution 2006

May 1-4, 2006
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma, USA
More information


GRIDS Technology in Use

GRIDS Center Software Suite
An evolving Grid Projects and Deployments System shows the widespread adoption of technologies featured in the GRIDS software distribution.  Community submissions to the database are strongly encouraged.

GRIDS Center Software Suite
The GRIDS software
technology overview gives new users and enterprise decision makers a high-level summary of how the components interact.

A Grid Computing Primer
If you're new to distributed computing, read this
Grid primer.  It will introduce you to basic applications, including portals, large-scale data analysis, computer-in-the-loop instrumentation and more.


Primary support for GRIDS comes from the National Science Foundation Middleware Initiative (program 4089, awards 0123961, 0123973, 0330685, 0330670, and 0330634). GRIDS software developers wish also to acknowledge support from:

  • NSF Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (for Globus Toolkit, Condor-G, Network Weather Service, MyProxy, GSI-OpenSSH, Grid Packaging Tools and GridConfig)

  • U.S. Department of Energy (for Globus Toolkit,
    Condor-G, NWS and MPICH-G2)

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (for Globus Toolkit and Condor-G)

  • Free Dating in United States

  • NASA (for Globus Toolkit, MyProxy and GSI-OpenSSH)

  • U.K. e-Science Program (for Globus Toolkit)

  • Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (for Globus Toolkit)

  • IBM (for Globus Toolkit)

  • Microsoft Corporation (for Globus Toolkit and Condor-G)

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This is an archived site and is no longer maintained. There will be no further updates to this site.