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"On the Grid" Columns in ClusterWorld

Note: Effective August 2005, ClusterWorld magazine will merge into Linux Magazine.

ClusterWorld magazine had a monthly column called "On the Grid," featuring useful information about how to develop and deploy Grid software. We have permission to post these columns to the GRIDS Web site three months after publication—look for a new one at the middle of each month. Most write-ups will be fairly technical, with a wealth of information for users of GRIDS software. If you have story ideas, send mail to contact at grids-center dot org.

Publication Date Title Author(s) PDF Available

December 2003

Globus Toolkit:  Infrastructure for Resource Sharing

Tom Garritano

March 2004

January 2004

The Grid

Ian Foster

March 2004

January 2004

Security and Credential Management on the Grid

Sam Lang and Sam Meder

March 2004

February 2004 So You Want to Set Up a Grid Jenny Schopf and Keith Jackson April 2004
March 2004 Using the Globus Toolkit with Firewalls Olle Mulmo and Von Welch May 2004
April 2004 Standardizing the Grid:  Evolution and Convergence (includes WSRF) Lee Liming, Tom Garritano, Steve Tuecke June 2004
May 2004 Globus XIO Bill Allcock, John Bresnahan July 2004
June 2004 Testing in a Grid Environment Charles Bacon August 2004
July 2004 Grid Packaging Software Scott Gose September 2004
August 2004 Monitoring Clusters and Grids Jenny Schopf and Ben Clifford October 2004
September 2004 Maximizing Your Globus Toolkit™ GridFTP Server William Allcock and John Bresnahan November 2004
October 2004 Programming with the GridFTP Client Library William Allcock January 2005
November 2004 MPICH-G2: An MPI for Grids Nicholas T. Karonis January 2005
December 2004 Is the Grid Delivering for Business? Mark Parsons and Paul Graham January 2005
January 2005 Lessons Learned from Grid Deployment Lee Liming April 2005
February 2005 MDS: The Gobus Monitoring and Discovery System Ben Clifford April 2005
March 2005 Web Services and the Grid Lee Liming June 2005
April 2005 The Globus Toolkit Replica Location Service Ann L. Chervenak June 2005
May 2005 GT4: What's in It for You? Lee Liming and Ian Foster June 2005
June 2005 Prototyping Simple Access to Visualization Resources Joseph A. Insley and Michael E. Papka June 2005
July 2005 Large-Scale Data Replication for LIGO Lee Liming June 2005

End of "On the Grid" columns


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